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Apr 6, 2009
are you syncing through iCloud or are you using a 1password account? Which is safer?

Also my 1password thru iCloud isn't syncing anymore. Anything I add on my mac doesn't sync even tho it has been fine for the past year or two.


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Mar 17, 2015
I've always used Dropbox to sync. Mainly because I had iOS Mac and windows version of Dropbox. (Now just Windows and iOS)

I noticed recently (like month or so) that syncing has been an issue as well. Haven't had the time to look into it but there def is no syncing going on.
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Aug 10, 2008
Where did you buy 1Password for your Mac? If you got it from the Mac App Store, it should work, but from 1Password's website, it won't.

I use Dropbox because of how my set up is. I can probably get away with iCloud, but this is working.


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Nov 23, 2016
Both dropbox and icloud are the same on the security scale - the format is exactly the same. The "safest" would of course be a local sync through local wifi, but it has it's usability problems. Then there's 1passwords "for teams" cloud system, which I use, and the paper is avaible, but I haven't read it yet, so can't vouch for that.

That said, opvault is pretty ok security wise.

That said, I discourage the use of dropbox, since they plan on completely bypassing the VFS layer in the system and writing their own kernel driver for dropbox, making it mandatory. It's theoretically for seamless streaming, but *that* is the part that's highly unsecure. I don't know if they implemented it yet, but just the audacity tells me they don't give a crap and both stability and security. The moment I read this (and the highly critical comments which they chose to ignore) i deleted my dropbox account and migrated to a self-hosted nextcloud.
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