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    Being a customer for a few years I can say recent events make me doubt my initial approach. They are just way too expensive and represent lower than expected value and higher than expected risk. Cant they just keep things simple and work well?

    -it is expen$ive and the company is switching to a yearly license fee. I can afford it but just thinking there is little value in their product. especially if they continue doing business with recent trends

    -they are mentioned in the mega Cloudbleed. 1Password just dont need to be there. There was mention of a previous security mishap, that portions of their data base structure was not encrypted. How are we to believe them? What is next...

    -I sent a tech support question into them and they could not even find my license.

    -they just sent me a email about a bug. I think i have seen this on one of my computers. Now my time is spent hunting down the issue. Thanks for the email.
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    Maybe you start with visiting some better sources online instead of just visiting the sensation makers!!
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    Disclaimer: I work for AgileBits, makers of 1Password

    Could you elaborate on what performance issues you're having? It's possible we're aware of it, possible we're not. Without more detail I can't help much.

    As for price, we realize we won't hit the price point for all users, but we charge what we believe is a fair price and allows us to keep the lights on and allows us to keep making 1Password better. Without us charging a fair price I wouldn't be able to interact with users and try to make my favorite application better for those users.

    Cloudbleed does not impact us because we designed 1Password.com around the idea that we couldn't trust SSL/TLS. We learned this through numerous vulnerabilities including heartbleed. Why you're hearing about it is because the researcher that discovered this needed a big name to drop. This isn't the first time he has done this, and it's unlikely to be the last.

    As for the "previous mishap" it wasn't a mishap. We document our sync format and anyone who has read both our blog or the documentation would've seen that titles and urls were not encrypted in AgileKeychain. Keep in mind that AgileKeychain was designed in a very different time than we are in now and had performance limitations we had to contend with that are no longer issues. The replacement, which has been available for years, fixed these issues and was designed for modern times. The researcher who wrote about this was not very well researched because our immediate response to him was that this was a known limitation and linked to all the documentation and blog posts that explained it. The researcher, a young man, felt bad and aplologized. It was rough for both of us because sensationalist headlines hurt everyone. Just like this cloudbleed situation.

    The email you got was to perform a manual update. You don't have to hunt the issue down, simply update manually using the instructions we provided. If you have trouble with this pleas let me know so I can help.

    I get the feeling you're unhappy, I'd love to know what we can do to help you be happy with 1Password. If you can let me know I'll do what I can. That said, we're really sorry for the trouble you're encountering. We want all of our users to be happy and we realize that we can't make everyone happy but we try to learn and improve when we don't.

    Edit: turns out typing on an iPad is frought with incorrect auto-complete and auto-correct issues. I hope I've fixed all those :-/
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