1st & 2nd gen Airport Extreme Base Station problems

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DJTEMPO7, Feb 19, 2017.

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    Mar 10, 2013
    In the past 6 months, I've had my 2nd gen Airport Extreme Base Station go rogue. It shows in the pull down on my MacBook, but I can't connect to it.

    I reset it, reformat it, it works for a few hours, or a day or two, and then goes rogue again.

    After a few of these "resets", it stops being seen by the MacBook, iPhones (I use it for VoIP) altogether.

    I bought another.

    A few days of use, and the same scenario started playing.

    I hopped on eBay, and bought THREE more of these (figured I'd have backups?)... all 3 have had the same scenario play out in the past couple weeks.

    Along the way... I've updated firmware, put in surge protectors on the incoming cable-internet line, and Ethernet line from the modem to the Basestation. They're always plugged into a UPS along with one of the computers and the back-up hard-drives. No change in this short-term-randomized going-rogue problem.

    This morning, after having reset the last of the 3 BaseStations for the 2nd time last night, I awoke to "no internet" again. I took a spare 2009 White MacBook I had, and set it up for internet sharing. (cable modem, ethernetted to the macbook, Macbook is communicating via it's Airport card). It seems to be working... this morning.

    This is getting BEYOND frustration.

    I understand Apple has discontinued the Airport line, in its entirety. This makes NO sense to me, as they always made for a smooth set-up for a wireless network... but then... I've stopped trying to figure out Apple's gameplan since Jobs died. Is it possible they're trying to eliminate the existing hardware, in the process here? Is Apple "updating" the Airports to go dysfunctional? I'm at a loss here, usually even the most strange Apple problems can be solved by reinstalling the software... which I've done. Repeatedly.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    Thanks in advance, if anyone cares to join in...

    Chip Tredo
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    Feb 20, 2009
    What was "Einstein's definition of insanity"??
    Why do you keep throwing good money after bad?

    Time to move on past the "Airport". Apple has done just that, disbanding their development team on the product.

    I'd suggest you begin investigating one of the new "mesh" systems (eero, google wifi, luma, netgear orbi, ubiquity, linksys velop) ...
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    Sure, if I were looking for shopping advice, I go check Consumer Reports... not an appropriate (or relevant, for that matter) response. Anyone, anyone, Bueller...

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