1st Gen iPad issues

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    Have a 1st gen ipad, 16 gb with 10 gb free space. Issue is that FaceBook, Google or App Store when clicked on come up, but will crash when trying to navigate thru them right on the get go. Games seem to work fine. Have deleted FaceBook and Google App and reinstalled still have issue. Any suggestions?
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    Well, the iPad 1st gen is hampered by the lack of free RAM - they crash from time to time.

    I know it's annoying, but I'd recommend restoring the iPad in iTunes, and setting it up as a new device (as opposed to restoring it from a backup. You can still sign in with the same itunes account - just don't restore it from a backup.)

    This will clear out any "junk" that might be causing the iPad to crash. Make sure any data you care about on the device is either on another device, is backed up to icloud, or is emailed to yourself. (Notes, contacts, etc)

    You can follow this guide here if you have any questions -

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