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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by BlueSamurai, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. BlueSamurai macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2006
    Yo i got a question for you gurus.

    Yes dats wad i am getting now after my mbp came back frm the service center; random shutdowns b4 i sent it in, it was fine.

    The story goes that during the warranty period, i had it sent in once for a non working fan and non locking latch. They fixed it, but the top case and bottom case were not aligned properly; there were many ugly gaps. I paid thru my nose for an MBP, so i wasnt having that.

    I made them fix it.. but they told me it was impossible to have the top case and bottom case gapless once its opened up and reassembled. So i gave up. So many many months passed till like couple weeks ago.

    By then, my warranty was over, and i had forgotten to buy APP. Darn.

    The gaps seemed to be getting bigger and uglier. So i rang apple up and asked them nicely if they could fix it for me free, since the problem had existed since my warranty days. Customer Relations was very understanding, and asked me to bring my machine in, and they would pay for my repairs.

    Fastforward a week, and there my machine was, ready for collection. That was on tuesday. Last night, I booted it up. And for the whole night till now, i have got 6 random shutdowns. 6!!! And i nvr had one before i sent it in.

    Appears that they changed my top and bottom case, realigned my logic board and applied thermal gel. Also resetted my SMC firmware. Now my mbp seems to run cooler and speakers sound louder. But... it also has a random shutdown problem. for the 7th time!

    Its not a battery issue as i have got R.S both with and without power supply plugged in. Neither is it OS related as it happens both in my OSX 10.4.11 & Windows Xp partitions. I thought it could be the smc firmware since they "reset" it, so the service report claims. But then my firmware is the latest version. I know, coz i double checked.

    I rang up the service center but they said they cant be held responsible... there's no point bringing it over coz the engineers are not ard on sat... wad gives? And the Apple Hotline isnt available on saturdays...

    Question to you experts is.. what do you think is the problem? I am not pointing fingers.. but i am not keen to pay for repairs that only appear after i got it back frm the service center... *sigh*

    I mean, Jesus man, i cant possibly have the dough to shell out for a new logic board!!
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    Feb 6, 2004
    All Apple repairs are guaranteed for a period of time after the work is done regardless of other warranty status. If you call up Apple and raise hell about the repair having broken the logic board they should own up and take responsibility.

    If not I suggest you post your story to http://www.consumerist.com where they make public stories like yours of terrible customer service.

    One friendly suggestion, before you submit a story to the consumerist or even submit a response here you might want to use spelling and grammar checks on your writing. Using "dat" as a substitute for "that" when writing doesn't exactly scream that you know what you're talking about.
  3. BlueSamurai thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2006
    you are so right. Old habits die hard... :p

    On that subject.... i am not sure if its the logic board... oh i dunno :(

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