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Mar 25, 2008
I need to buy a light-weight server for our network. It's going to run Windows, and act as the host for an accounting system (QB + an inventory system).

I could buy a 1U for the existing rack, and I'm open to anyone's suggestions on any favourites in this area - something that doesn't sound like a 747 would be great.

But what about a one-gen old Mac Mini server running Windows?

Open to any advice here!


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Jul 17, 2007
I too suggest going for the 1U server. I'm rather fond of the concept of the Mac Mini server, but when it comes down to it, if you're intending to run Windows and already have a rack setup, its probably faster/cheaper/easier.


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Oct 4, 2008
Buy a 1U server. Preferably something that supports 3.5" disk drives, unless you want to pay $$$$ for the 2.5" SAS variants.

The Mac Mini is a nice HTPC, but IMHO it has no business being in a server environment. Nothing is redundant on it (software RAID doesn't count!) and there is zero expandability.

You could probably buy a nice Core 2 Duo based 1U server that is reasonably quiet with a single PCI slot and one or two 3.5" drives for less then a Mini.



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Jul 17, 2010
If you can't rack it and have it fit cleanly into the rest, it isn't going to happen. On a stool in a closet it works well. Macmini server is 1st order fail as a replacement. Mac Pro is 2nd. All points were made already. Redundant power, PCI expandability for extra fibre or SAS or whatever. Replaceable parts (ie. power supply, Logic board, sinks, tray's whatever you need) For the home server it is more than powerful enough just not expandable enough. Just waiting for a "But what about Thunderbolt?" up in here before the hammer falls.
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