2.0.1 update.....problems?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Bonesone4, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Bonesone4 macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    Anybody have any probs after installing the update? Haven't installed yet but noticed I had an update in there....

  2. seeny macrumors regular

    Jul 13, 2008
    i've just posted this in another thread

    i’ve had my ipod touch 32gb for about 3 weeks, when i first got it 1.1.4 was installed and i had no problems since then i’ve installed 2.0 and 2.0.1 and again no problems, i have no idea why some people are having problems maybe it something to do with what they did to their touch’s before the upgrade?
  3. txhockey9404 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 25, 2008
    2.0.1 is much better than 2.0, but the weirdest thing happened to my touch on 2.0.1 yesterday.

    It did its crash and reboot thing 2 times for some reason, and all the Apple Apps that are standard disappeared! They were completely gone! Even double clicking home and trying to get into the music app wouldn't work. The same thing happened with Safari links and Core Location. After about 5 minutes of opening and closing apps, they came back exactly how they were, but I thought that was really odd. I attached some screenshots. The last one was an attempt at opening a Safari link.

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