2.0 ghz iMac or 2.16ghz macbook


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Jun 27, 2007
Should I get the 2.0 ghz 20 inch iMac or the 2.16ghz white macbook. Which one is more powerful.

Or should I wait for new macbooks? :confused:


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Apr 18, 2003
.16mhz is a very minimal difference. The iMac has a larger screen, larger hard drive, and not to mention a dedicated graphics card so it's obviously more "powerful".


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Jun 16, 2004
Larger and more importantly, significantly faster hard drive in the iMac. The iMac will always subjectively feel faster than the MacBook because of the faster hard drive and (to a more limited extent) the larger display.

So: Opening programs, any programs - advantage iMac
Ripping CDs/Compressing iMovies - advantage MacBook
Working in iMovie/iLife as a whole - iMac (due to the larger screen)
portability - MacBook


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Jan 10, 2006
I have a macbook (2.16) and LOVE it, it has been my fav apple purchase to date. (Have had intel iMac, macbook pro, apple tv etc)

And I do mean LOVE it. I never thought I would get the use out of the portability as my travel usually is leass than 6-7 weeks a year and most of those Im traveling with a work win laptop. I end up pacing the work laptop and use my macbook when not "working".

That said, I sold my iMac a few months ago expecting the new iMac any day....finally...well...not exactly thrilled with the new ones - but after today's visit - growing on me.

I will not give up my macbook - it gies everywhere with me and spends as much time in the kitchen/family room/bedroom etc as my home office.

However, It simply is not as powerful and I want to stream stuff to my A TV and XBOX 360 and it becomes alot less portable when I have to have it hooked up to my externals drives. It takes longer to do most tasks (burn cd'd, dvd's encode h.264 - you name it than my iMac and I really miss that. I also am tired of spending most of my home time looking at a tiny little screen. In fact most of the features I LOVE about my macbook - become irritating when I am trying to get stuff doen on it in the office - or when I run out of space etc.

SO unless you really, really need/want the portability - suggest an iMac. I'm getting my new iMac (just not sure whther its the old or new one yet) and keeping my macbook. Hence the best of both worlds!

If I could only do one....God that would kill me:)....it would be the iMac.