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    So everyone has a list of iphone dream features and update hopes, but when iPhone 2.0 does roll off the production line and Steve makes his announcement about the updated device what do you guys think is going to be that whoa!!! part of the announcement. I'm not talking about 3G or navigation..we all know that's coming, but what will be that update that no one saw coming and blows people off there seats and rushes out to grab the updated model.
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    16/32GB for existing price point or a bit more. But it's more likely to be 16/24 if that...
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    Mobile movie rentals for $1, can only be watched on phone.

    New, ultra long lasting battery, perhaps using hydrogen fuel cells of sorts.

    2/3 the thickness of the 1g iPhone.

    720x480 screen.

    5mp camera with video recording, iChat video streams.

    Better speaker volume.

    Additional multitouch gestures.

    HD video output. Includes photos.

    Wireless bluetooth headphone support.

    Flash in safari.

    Doubles as Apple remote.

    Sync over wifi option.

    Voice commands and dialing, such as (gulp) microsoft sync, except in a phone. "Call home, play artist Beatles."

    And one more thing...

    Spotlight search and productivity suite such as iLife for iPhone. Copy and paste...

    *crowd faints*

    Crap...if half of these end up true I'm going to be poor since I'm buying the new MBP. Time to start saving!
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    Jul 30, 2007
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    Voice is definitely a rather undeveloped field.

    They mentioned how they developed the iPhone to use the best pointing device in nature -- the finger.

    But there is a better device for issues commands and that is the voice.

    The voice is a logical place to go in terms of seamless integration -- voice generated email, voice navigation, etc.

    It also suffers from imperfect implementation in the industry.
    Just like Apple didn't invent touchscreens, it doesn't need to invent voice recognition to revolutionize mobile phones and how we use them.

    Then roll it into a razor thin package like the Air and there ya go.

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