2.25 GB RAM in PB 12

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Davy.Shalom, Jul 21, 2012.

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    PowerBook 4 1.67 DLSD

    I would be interested if it is possible that my powerbook can address higher than 2GB. This might be worth investigating.
  3. justperry, Jul 22, 2012
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    That's a $130.99 gamble man, quite a lot to buy it and it fails to see the memory.
    Maximum 1Gb Guaranteed to work.

    I know there is a hack for the infamous lower/upper (can't remember) memory slot debacle.LOWER SLOT it is.
    But, you have to go into Open Firmware and input the memory addresses there, I have the powerbook G4 with a disabled slot, it did not do the trick for me, actually I could fake the system into thinking it had two slots available but as soon as it got above the 1 GB it crashes, I think the speed of the RAM or something like that also need to be set.

    I will edit this post when I find it, I'll be back.

    EDIT: Took me 20 seconds in google to find the link, here it is:

    A fix of sorts for PowerBooks with lower RAM slot issues
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    Dec 7, 2009
    It would probably work, but none of G4 Macs is able to address more than 2GB RAM. It's chipset limitation.
    Check this thread and decide if you wanna become a second guinea pig:

    Ask seller if they will accept return if it wouldn't work.
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    It was the USB 2.0 eMac which Apple listed as having a 1GB limit and was actually able to take 2GB that got everyone thinking they could do this on any Mac. What they fail to comprehend is that eMac came out right when the DDR Apple was using went from 512MB per stick to 1GB in the memory industry. This was a rare one off type situation.

    The other massively enormous error many make is thinking that what the about this mac window says is what the system accesses. You need to add up the "Free" and "Used" stat totals to see how much your system actually registers on the logic board. These stats can be found in the activity monitor memory pane or open the terminal and enter the command "top".
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    I understand this, the thread I linked proved that the computer can address more than 1.25 GB of RAM. However, it didn't use beyond ~1.7 GB.


    I'll email the seller.

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