2.4Ghz MB or 2.4Ghz MBP

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by flyingkite, Oct 15, 2008.

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    I am trying to rationalise what to purchase.

    A high end 2.4 Ghz Macbook or a low end 2.4Ghz MBP. The reason been the cost savings..but also much the weight.

    Here is my background. I currently own a 2.4Ghz MBP from a year ago with the GeForce8600 GT with 4Gb ram which I am about to give away.

    I do design and occasional video stuffs on this one, I have no issue with color accuracy (both video and graphic - you don't depend on the machine on color/gamut for video anyway- it is completely different). I check video production on TV screens.

    I connect the machine to an external DVI 20" LCD monitor. Although I do not do critical color retouching work, I calibrated my monitor via a hardware base calibrator which has given me good results. The external monitor monitor's color are pretty way off from what the MBP can be calibrated properly. The external monitor, although "richer", isn't close to what I print. Case in example if you have a light gradient bar on the artwork. The external monitor with its high contrast and light color would have been "blown" off and you wouldn't notice there was a light gradient bar. It's a nice Quicktime monitor though. Running Aperture on the external monitor will yield bad quality.I am not about to invest in another monitor.

    Saying that, I am buying the new machine not so much for graphics application (but i will still use the occasional photoshop, etc).

    The new machine will be used mainly for surfing, web and running bootcamp or Parallels to use Windows (because I do not have a choice).

    My consideration/concerns are as follows.

    1) I'm pretty used to the 1440x900 spec (MB only supports 1280 x 800). Will I get used to it?

    2) Running Windows (basic non graphic intensive apps) smoothly as if I cannot tell it is running on top of another OS. Will the new MBP graphic help? The last MB I tried was horrible. I most likely will have the machines upgraded to 4GB

    3) Gloss screen - Although I'm not running so much graphic apps. But the time that I will do so, I much prefer the color to be "accurate" and be able to calibrated via a hardware calibrator close to "accurate" The issue with too bright or too dark is not an issue. You can tone it down. But the issue of colors going "off" kinda piss me off. eg. Green becomes cyan or pink becomes purple because of the different gamma and colorspace when you print it out. (I'm not talking about printing out on your normal printer using colorsync. What I am talking about is...it should be able to show "standard" colors close. Darker or lighter depends on your ability to understand your printer's workflow) Too high contrast and losing details are also an issue.

    So will the gloss screen be able to be color calibrated "properly"? Anyone has a gloss screen calibrated to 6500K and have done graphic/photo work on them and send out to commercial printers and the color reproduction works are acceptable. Not expecting very close quality, but acceptable for most work. Small brochures and artwork which you do not run in high quantity and no color proofs provided from the printer. (Using digital/soft proof on your computer) And probably those running Aperture.

    I'm interested to look at the color space of the new MB/MBP and whether it is comparable to existing matt MBP. Color space spec of the LED is one thing, the glass is another that will affect the perceived color space.

    4) I do have FW drives lying around. And it's so much nicer connecting to them than via USB. Hmm I can switch to USB if I do not have a choice.

    5) I will still connect to an external monitor when I am home.

    6) Speed of the machine. I should not be suffering slower speed than what I am currently having.

    7) I prefer the MB's portability over the MBP although I do not have much issue with bringing my MBP around. But losing 0.5 pound and some size allows me to have less load on my backpack which is a boon as I do carry lots of stuffs around. I carry my wacom tablet at times.
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    The new 2.4Ghz MPB is likely to be significantly faster than the current 2.4 ONLY where s/w heavily relies on the GPU i.e., Apple Motion, certain PS filters. However, when s/w mostly uses raw processing power the difference will be a couple seconds at best for most tasks.

    You will see a decrease in power if you go to the 2.4 MB.

    If I were in your case I'd keep the 2.4 MPB you have for now unless you have money to burn.

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