2.53 C2D 8GB +SSD v Quad Server


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Hmm, here's one.

The one thing I use my mini for that pushes things, is ripping and encoding DVDs with Handbrake.

I really like the new line up, particularly the Quad version, but can I expect just as good a performance if I simply maxxed the RAM and got and SSD (256GB)?

The cost of the upgrade is almost as much as the new Base mini, so unless the upgrade is going to give me an insane improvement, I will simply wait a while longer and eventually upgrade to a mini server.


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Feb 6, 2010
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The quad would would destroy the C2D in video encoding. You would probably be looking at a 70-75% reduction in encoding time. If you're looking for a reduction in encoding time with the upgrade, then no, you won't see it, since handbrake is completely dependent on CPU rather than HDD/SSD or RAM.


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Thanks for that, I do hear people saying how an SSD has transformed their computer, but as you point out the task is to encode rather than simply write data.

Think I will postpone any upgrade on my current setup and simply buy a new Quad mini when I can no longer restrain myself. :)

Actually part of the delay is actually down to the fact that I still run a few non-universal applications. :(
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