2.5GB OF OTHER, what is it?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by amazingdm, Feb 24, 2011.

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    First of all, the OS is only about 650mb, not 2.5GB

    Second, OP, this question has been asked many times on this forum and their have been solutions detailed on how to fix this, its a little late for me and I don't want to go page searching, but they're here (somewhere).

    I myself have had this issue with both my iPhone and my iPad, and I have documented this issue on video (screen capture) and I asked the Genius what they thought could be the problem, but they (4 different Genius's) couldn't explain what was going on.

    The one solution that someone on this forum suggested that actually worked for me was to:


    -Plug in your iPhone to iTunes and before you begin to sync, add an album or movie to your iPhone
    -Then hit Add/Sync
    -Now when the progress bar gets to the point that its going to add the new song/movie (image above), yank the USB cable from the iPhone
    -Your iTunes will freeze for a moment (sometimes even minutes), but once the status bar returns to the Apple logo, plug your iPhone back in and the 'Other' data should have re-set back to what it should be.

    it actually wasn't to hard to find.
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    If you did get rid of "it", having that additional space would not matter any more!:p
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    It's album art, app icon art, email attachments and saved bookmark web clips...it's not OS...the OS has already taken about 2 GB before you ever sync anything to the phone
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    I had 2GB's of "other" before a restore, setup as new. I started with .50GB and I am now, about a week later, at about .56GB or "other". I am jailbroken which i'm sure does in fact affect it, but it's not the OS. It's got to be a combination of many, many things. I personally think it's related to music somehow, maybe the size/quality of the album art? Not sure, just a guess....

    One thing I have noticed is that the larger my "other" space gets, the more quirky my home button gets. I doubt there is any relation, but just something I noticed...

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