2.6 or 2.7?


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Jan 25, 2009
Hi guys. I've returned my 2.6 mbpr last week because it had the LG screen. Nevermind that, now the problem is should I get the 2.7 Ghz configuration over the 2.6Ghz? This will be my workstation and i'll be working mostly on Music Production/Film Scoring with EWQL samples and yes, 16GB is not an option. I'll be doing some video editing too. But now i'm stuck between 2.6 and 2.7. Also another concern is how is the battery life compared to 2.7? I've read in Engadget stating the 2.3 has 2 hours battery life longer than 2.6? Also I bought an applecare to go with hence another question, would it be better to for 2.7 to utilise the applecare fully when my logic board dies? Not to brag but my Alienware M17X has the 2.7 (i7-3820qm, they only had this configuration when it came out in my country so yeah). Amazingly, the cpu fan was super quiet even during games but I haven't tried video editing yet since I mainly use it for word processing and games. It'll be awkward if both my machines have the 2.7 lol. What should I do? :confused:
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Mar 22, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
If you want to go head.
I personally think its waste of money.
For over $250, 0.1GHz upgrade wont get you any far.
There is literally no difference between them.


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Jun 11, 2012
No, there is no difference between the 2.6 and the 2.7, aside from meaningless benches.


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Only go for the 2.7 if your software can take advantage of the 8Mb L3 cache, 2.6 & 2.3 have 6Mb L3 cache or it will likely be a waste of money, as the speed bump is insignificant.

If you are going to "pegging" out the CPU and your software takes advantage, then the 2.7 makes a lot of sense as you will recover the additional cost in productivity.


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Jan 1, 2009
Where are the people that keep saying you need 16gb RAM? The infamous "for future prove" and "get it if you can afford it".

Back to the point, I never bought any Apple Care because I never had any problem with my Apple product (knock on wood). But i think it's worth it.


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May 3, 2009
Thank you all for the generous replies. 2.6 it is then. :D now about the applecare, worth it? or not?
2.6 is the better choice, and I do recommend applecare as it will give you two more years of warranty - very much needed for laptops.
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