2 Apple Watches, single iPhone-issues with shared activity

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by smarks90, Sep 21, 2016.

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    so I received my Apple Watch Series 2 sport watch yesterday and paired it with my iPhone 7+ right away. at first, everything seemed fine and dandy-restored from existing backup of my current AW Sport. seemed like an exact copy. Auto-switching when watch is on wrist seemed to work great.

    I quickly noticed though that the activity doesn't seem to update/mirror across watches correctly.

    A few things I noticed-
    -I would start a workout and burn say 20 calories (usually, this active caloric metric updates real time on my watch. it certainly updates by the time I end the workout). the active calories stat never updated. I could see the data point in the activity log for me having done the workout but the active calories never updated and never synced over to my Activity App on my iP7+.

    -The second Apple Watch seemed to always reflect what was contained within the Activity App on the iPhone.

    -I unpaired both watches, repaired my original watch-activity updates both on the watch and iPhone Activity app as I'm used to. Unpaired original AW sport.

    -I repaired my new AWS series 2 from backup-everything updates back and forth as it should.

    This led me to believe the problem lies in the fact that 2 apple watches are paired with my iPhone. I haven't figured anything else out at this time so I'm just going to only keep my new watch paired for now. I may end up selling my original watch but it hardly seems worth selling a release day 2015 Apple Watch Sport at this point. May just keep it for those times I'm not feeling my a space gray look like my series 2.

    Anyone had similar issues or heard similar things elsewhere? I haven't dug in to this one much yet but was hoping the MacRumors community may have some insight or helpful thoughts on this as is always the case.

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    Nov 15, 2016

    I was experiencing the exact same issues and I finally managed to make it work.


    1) I was sending -to my friends owning Apple Watch- activity share requests. Although they were accepting my requests, they were always displayed as pending in the sharing tab of my iPhone's activity app.

    2) When I was sent Activity share requests, although I was accepting them I could never see my friends' activity (or for a very short amount of time before it was disappearing and seen again as a share request). My friends, however, would see my activity.

    I unpaired and paired my Apple Watch many, (hard) rebooted it, rebooted my iPhone, reset it to factory settings many times without success.

    It turns out that the issue was a iCloud related issue.

    Back in the day I was a .Mac, then a MobileMe user and was logged into my iPhone with my @Mac address and with my @me address for both FaceTime and iMessage.

    To fix the issue, I logged out of my Apple ID (@Mac), FaceTime (@me) and iMessage (@me) on my iPhone. I then logged back in using the @icloud alias of my Apple ID and -boum- it worked.

    All my Friends shared activity now show up properly on both my iPhone and my Apple Watch.

    My devices are an iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 10.2 beta 3) and an Apple Watch Serie 2 (Nike) (watchOS 3.1.1 beta).

    Hope this help.

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