2 ATV4K's, Homekit Hub?


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Oct 28, 2006
Chicago, IL
I have 2 ATV's in my house, one upstairs in the den, and one in the family room. It seems like the one upstairs is the "Hub" when it comes to my HomeKit stuff. How do I set the one in the family room to be the hub? Or is it possible for BOTH to be a hub?

Shawn Llewellyn

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Jun 5, 2015
They all will link to become multiple hubs doesn't matter and there is no way to select which one does what...


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May 27, 2008
if you unplug the one upstairs, the other should become your hub

there's a chance upstairs will take back over once it comes back.

as Shawn said it doesn't really matter.


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Jan 8, 2012
In the Home app one will be displaying as Connected the other as Standby.

Connected is the hub that is being used for remote access control. If one hub has vastly better internet connectivity it will eventually become the Connected hub.

The other is in standby for becoming the Connected hub in the event it is needed to communicate with the internet for remote access.

Both (all) of them are acting as repeaters and tunnels and are communicating via HAP to HomeKit accessories in their range.
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