2 broken macbooks need salvage help.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mikky05v, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Mar 3, 2008
    my parents both have white macbooks that are just over a year old. Neither has applecare of anything like that and they live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the national forest. Last weekend they ran into some trouble with a group of kids assaulting and harrasing some other kids while drunk.. so they called the cops. Its the UP so the cops literally did nothing but the kids got even. They broke into my parents camper and smashed both their macbooks. Shattered my moms screen and hit my dads on the table so hard it busted the corner off the table. The hit it about an inch above the battery and busted the battery out. it wont take a charge or turn on with any power source. I'm not positive where the hd is located on these computers and i'm wondering a few things.

    First I'm looking for a site that could potentially take my dad's screen and put it on my moms computer.

    Second I'm wondering how likely it is they hurt the harddrive..

    If the harddrive is salvageable I'm looking for a place that could also potentially put my dad's harddrive in my moms computer.

    He has a lot of important stuff on his harddrive like landlord leases for his houses downstate, years and years of bible studies, his 67pg prospectus for the campgrounds, all his reservation information. We're in a lot of trouble if its fried. If anyone can give me any advice i'd appreciate it. Oh and they called the cops who basically said there wasn't anything they could do. The UP is a whole different kind of place.
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    Bummer....but I think if the HD is okay, I'd try to back up all the data on it first, then think about where you want add the new data/hd. That sucks a lot though.

    Can their insurance cover some of the cost?
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    the insurance counts it as accidental damage unless they can prove a culprate which they can't. They are trying to use my dads screen and hd to repair my moms computer so they can reduce cost and buy one new one instead of two. still looking for a shop that does that sort of thing.
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    1. Call Apple and see what they costs might be. Betting it will be expensive.
    2.Do a Googles search for an Apple Service Center near the UP or elsewhere.

    Don't forget to add any software purchased which adds value to the laptops. I'd also have them pressure the insurance company to replace both.

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