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    REVIEW 1: CHOETECH Apple iPhone 7 Case PC Anti-Scratch & Soft TPU Anti Slip Clear Back Cover - $8.00
    The Good:
    - Affordable
    - Thin hard rubber/plastic sides. Material feels like older Apple EarPods rubber sizers. Very thin/lightweight.
    - Allows for device’s color to come through
    - All buttons work very well
    - Nice sized cutouts / worked with 3rd party lightning cable
    - Back has slight “lip” which adds to grip while lying on surfaces
    - Great customer service/communication

    The Bad:
    - Rear plastic feels thin/cheap. Probably wouldn’t protect if dropped on rocks. Plastic invites fingerprints, smudges, oil, etc.
    - Almost no front “lip,” so screen touches surface if lying face-down and a protector is on.

    Overall: I would recommend this case for someone looking for a lightweight case and wanting to show off their phone's natural form and color. I would buy this case at full price.

    REVIEW 2: CHOETECH Apple iPhone 7 Case Acrylic Anti-Scratch & Soft TPU Anti Slip Clear Hard Back Cover - $8.00

    The Good:
    - Good packaging materials
    - Thickness feel of comparable cases (Tech21, etc.)
    - Reinforced corners.
    - Back plastic material is thick and looks sturdy/protective
    - Nice cutouts and buttons easy to use / worked with 3rd party lightning cable
    - Nice grip factor while lying back down on table
    - Just enough lip to keep screen off of surface while lying face down (maybe not with E2E protector on)

    The Bad:
    - Slightly bulky
    - Materials feel plastic-like
    - More "lip" on front would be preferable for my taste (but maybe not others')
    - Plastic covering rear invites prints, smudges, and oil

    Overall - This is a flooded market with many good cases, and this one is also good. I wish it were slightly thinner and drop-rated though.


    *Disclaimer - I purchased both of these cases at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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    I like how the speaker cutouts are individual circles instead of two large oval cutouts.

    Which case is in the photos? Are you using a tempered glass with the case?
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    I put the appropriate photos beneath each case review.

    I was using the CHOETECH edge to edge protector, which I don't recommend.

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