2 Computers, One set of wire sorround speakers


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Jul 1, 2005
London, Ontario
OKay Hey all

I have my pc set up right now and im buying a powerbook really soon. I will be getting a kvm switch but I want also to be able to connect both of the systems to my speakers. Seems easy right, I have a set of 5.1 sorround sound speakers and have a seperate cable for the front speakers and one for the rear. So I dont think that I can connect it that easily. I was thinking of a mixer that I have but its old and only takes rca imputs. DOes anyone know how I can get this done?



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Mar 4, 2004
State College, PA
Just use Y-joint cables. (Converges two cables to one)

You can use those to hook both computers to your sound system, and have them both produce sound through it simultaineously (if you had sound going on both at the same time).

I did that once when I had a powermac and my tv+dvd+xbox all hooked up to my surround sound. Worked great.

Of course you will be limitted with the pbook I believe, since I don't think it has a sound card cabable of 5.1 (but you could use the m-audio USB device that retails for $60)

Johnny Rico

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Feb 17, 2005
I use this kvm switch, which has audio switching and keyboard system toggle. Very nice.

Edit: but then looking at the ins at the back of your sub I don't think my kvm would work at all. Nevermind.