2 digital tuners and a DVD recorder - is there such a thing??

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by joefinan, Apr 11, 2008.

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    I currently have a Humax PVR but getting programmes off there onto my MBP to then watch on my iPhone is a nightmare and I just never bother.

    So I decided to invest in a hard disk recorder/DVD recorder for easy dubbing to then import into my computer. But there doesn't seem to one with two Freeview tuners.

    Am I right? Does anyone know of anything??
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    Jul 17, 2002
    The laws are different here in the USA than they are in the UK. However, I own a Sony PVR with dual HDTV tuners. It supports simultaneous cable and over-the-air reception and recording. It is also CableCard-ready allowing it to decode scrambled cable programming with a CableCard inserted. It has a QAM tuner which allows the viewing/recording of unscrambled HDTV cable programming.

    As for a hard drive-based DVD recorder, my Pioneer replaced my old Panasonic. They allow the recording of standard definition analog TV on the internal hard drive. They also record directly to DVD. Any recorded program may be edited on the hard drive and then transferred to the DVD.
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    DOn't know if this helps, but I highly recommend Tivo HD Series 3 or Tivo HD doesn't have a DVD burner ( though I swear there's still an old Humax model that did this ) , after many years of frustration and it is currently quite easy to retrieve the progam(me)s with OS X using TivoDecodeManager to download ( or the very nice, but fewer featured widget whos name fails me right now )
    Download them as an MPEG-TS file, and then Use "MPEG Streamclip" to edit what you want and convert to H.264 for iphone.

    Other than trhe process of converting to H.264 being slow to encode ( I highly recommend you buy an Elgato Turbo.264 ), it couldn't get much easier.

    If you end up wanting to leave it in Native MPEG-2 on your MBP, I would recommend converting from the MPEG-TS format to what MPEG Streamclip calls "MPEG file". It will very quickly convert to this for you so that you can play the videos using Quicktime or VLC. If you don't convert from TS, quicktime will freak out and lock up the finder for a very long time.

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