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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by irishgrizzly, Sep 8, 2009.

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    May 15, 2006
    I'm green to website design. I've been asked to help sort out a problem in work with a site and am looking for any advice. At the moment a client has a site with 2 domians pointing to it (.ie and .co.uk). I've checked on whois and the files seem to be with the same hosting company so I'm guessing as it's the same site both domains are pointing to identical files in one location.

    Now the site will split into a .ie version and .co.uk version. What would be the standard way of approaching this? I'll get the login details for the hosted files tomorrow. Will I have to create an alternate index file in another folder and relink the domain to this? Does this process of linking have a name (DNS?)? I imagine this would be done through the control panel of the hosting company (or does the use of a domain require a key/password as well).

    Sorry for the vague and rambling nature of this post. I'm trying to get my head around lots of different concepts.

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    Depend on the hosting company it could be a simple matter of changing the host header to point to a different directory on their servers. This would mean the 2 domains will point to 2 different directories allowing you to have different content etc.
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    Please go into more detail; I'm doing this exact sort of thing. I have designed one site and register two domains: one with '.co.uk' the other a '.com'. I was planning to put my site on '.co.uk' and have the '.com' redirect to it, however google is a massive importance to me as it's my main form of advertisement. I didn't really want to create a new site; if need be I will leave the .com blank but really was hoping to redirect. Search Engine is very important to me though.
    What are my options?
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    Are you trying to redirect the .ie to the .co.uk ?

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