2 factory defects on brand new Macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by StevnJ9971, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. StevnJ9971 macrumors member

    Aug 31, 2008
    I've been saving since the beginning of the year to finally purchase my first Apple notebook. I was super excited to switch over from PC to Mac, and wanted to get a notebook rather than a desktop computer.

    Once I had enough money to buy a MacBook, I discovered this site and decided not to purchase one at the time, due to the imminent update. Once the update happened, I decided to buy a 2.1 Ghz white MacBook, save myself some money, and upgrade the ram and HDD later. I purchased the MacBook through a friend of mine (who has close ties with Power MacPac, an Apple authorized reseller) and get a small discount from the $999 price.

    I received my shiny new laptop on Monday of this week, and when I plugged in the power adapter to my computer, the indicator light instantly turned green. I knew that Apple didn't ship notebooks with full batteries, and sure enough, when I turned it on, the battery showed 0% full and said "battery is not charging." I took it to the Apple Store on Tuesday and they confirmed that I had a bad battery and gave me a new one, no big deal. I was in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes, no problem.

    Later that day, when I started doing software updates, the computer randomly shut down (in the middle of installing the updates). I took it in to the Apple Store the next day (Wednesday). After wiping my HDD and reinstalling OS X, they came to the conclusion that I had a faulty logic board. Great. 2 factory defects from one MacBook?

    As if that wasn't bad enough, they wouldn't give me a replacement MacBook (despite it only being 2 days old) because it was bought through a reseller. What a load of crap! They said they can either replace the logic board themselves, or I would have to return the MacBook to Power MacPac. It would be faster for me to just let them do the repair and get me my MacBook as soon as possible, so I authorized the repair of the logic board, which would be done in-store. They told me, however, that they didn't have the board in stock, but they had placed the order for it already and it would be overnighted for arrival the next day (Thursday). Sure enough, I called today and they didn't get the part in, so they were hoping it would come in tomorrow. Just lovely.

    So basically, I haven't been able to use my brand spanking new Mac since the day I got it, the Apple Store wouldn't just give me a replacement for it (despite the 2 factory defects), and I'm now sitting at home posting this on my junky old PC. What ever happened to quality control?
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    Jul 8, 2008

    Damn that does suck

    EDIT: Don't worry I had the same thing happen with a G5 Tower, they replaced before I even knew the part was in, and I got that magic call.

    Just be glad you didn't have to drag a Huge heavy G5 tower through a busy mall.
  3. altair7 macrumors member

    Oct 30, 2004
    Umm, he bought the white one which is way past Rev B. That really sucks though :(

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