2 finger swipe back and forth in finder

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    So, we have it in Safari, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, Xcode documentation and probably other places I don't know of. Why not have it in finder?

    I know you can have 3-finger swiping, but then the swiping direction gets inconsistent, and you get no animations...

    So is there any third party tool to have regular 2 finger swiping back and forth in finder?

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    BetterTouchTool. I've always tried it but never had reason until the trackpad.

    Download to your app's folder, and configure "Finder" for two new gestures:

    In "Trackpads & Tablets":

    - Two finger swipe left with assigned action 3F Swipe Left (Page Back)

    - Two finger swipe right with assigned action 3F Swipe Right (Page Forward)

    This will assign the 3 finger swipe in Finder to 2 fingers, and you can keep the 2 finger swiping in System Preferences for Safari and other app's. You can also assign the same gestures for third party apps to enable 2 finger swiping in them as well, although it seems almost all third party app's will recognize two finger swiping. Doing the above will mean only 2 fingers are needed for swiping in Finder, Safari, third party apps, etc. Just make sure you switch it back from 3 to 2 fingers in "System Preferences".

    Hope this helps!

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