2 Fire-wire/Audio Solutions Required

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by MowingDevil, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Having added Komplete 7 to my arsenal, I'm looking for a solution for the 90gb sound library.

    Right now I have an iMac--->external FW800 HD--->DUET (FW 400)


    MacBook Pro--->external FW800 HD--->DUET (FW 400)

    The reasons for using an external drive for recording audio are obvious but where do I add the sound library? It looks like the best solution is to add the programs in Komplete to my internal drive that has Logic and the sample library to an external but I'm already using the external for my recording bin. Is it ok to add the sound samples to the same drive I use for recording? ...or should I daisy chain another drive and use that for the samples? I'm concerned about latency and wonder what would be more taxing, the daisy chain or using the same drive to read samples & also write new recording files? ...keeping in mind my DUET will be at the very end of the chain as its 400...I have concerns about that.

    A minor side-note...

    If you have a FW drive that has 3 FW ports is it practical to use it as a FW hub? ...for other FW drives that aren't used all the time.
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    I keep all my samples on my internal drive. I've also kept Superior Drum samples on my audio drive in the past. It doesn't matter as long as the libraries aren't the stream-from-disk type. If that's the case, they should have their own disk. If they are the type that load into RAM it really doesn't matter where you have them installed.

    Not sure about the 3 FireWire port device as a hub thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it introduces errors, that is if it works at all. I wouldn't do it. Just daisy chain normally if you need more drives.

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