2 illegal names found via Disk Repair

Discussion in 'macOS' started by YS2003, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I ran disk repair from disk utlitity (only checking as you cannot perform repair on the start-up drive) since I had some froze-up with iPod restore with my 15" Al PB. I found 2 errors which says 2 illegal names. So, out of curiosity, I check desk for my iBook and 12" PP and 15" Ti PB as well. Interestingly, iBook and 12" PB also had the exact error messages (2 illegal names). Ti was in good shape. So, repaired those disks via the target mode. Wasn't it odd 3 Macs had the same errrors?
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    i don't think it is just you. two of my computers have both had this problem, and so has one of my friends on his 20" iMac. I think that Apple may have changed something in one of their updates which has caused this problem. but, as you and i both have figured out, it can be easily fixed by Repairing the disk from a OS X CD/DVD-ROM installer disc.
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    It might be easier to use fsck next time. Also, newer Macs (Macs that have Journaled file systems to be specific) sometimes give benign error messages. :)

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