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    I have 2 Ipads, both have cellular connections. Can I have the same I Tunes acct and the same ATT cellular connection acct on both IPads ?? I am using one of the IPads at work for basically just one App.
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    Might be able to help your decision for one of your questions, i.e. concerning having one Apple account for both iPads. I own the iPad 2 and recently purchased an iPad Mini for my wife - I decided to simply put her on my Apple account which meant that all of the apps (and other items) that I purchased would be available to her for a free DL (included Pages, Numbers, & Keynote among many others). If you setup separate accounts, then you would need to re-buy the apps wanted - I'm sure there are other considerations.

    As to the cellular accounts, I'm assuming that if you (and another) wanted to use both devices via cellular connections at the same time, then you would need 2 separate SIM cards - BUT, if that is not likely, then you might be able to simply use the same SIM card in either iPad? Not sure (our iPads have only Wi-Fi), but hopefully others will 'chime in' w/ experience in this area - good luck! :)
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    iTunes account -- Yes, you can use the same iTunes account on multiple iOS devices. Currently, between my partner and me, we have two iPhones and 4 iPads on a single iTunes account.

    Cellular account -- As previous poster said, if you want to use cellular service on both iPads at the same time, each iPad would need its own data plan. However, if you only need to use one iPad at a time, it is possible to swap SIMs. You didn't say which iPads you had, but if they are different models they might have different size SIMs, in which case you will need a SIM adapter. Also, swapping SIMs is a fiddly business, and I personally wouldn't want to be doing it every day.

    You say one iPad is for work use only, so if you have wifi at work, then I don't see any need for a cellular plan for that iPad. If the work use requires a cellular connection, then your office should pay for the data plan.

    Another idea is that some carriers (like Verizon, for instance) lets you use your iPad as a hotspot. So if you have both iPads with you, then one can act as a hotspot for the other, and they can share a data plan that way.

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