2 iphones, 1 Apple watch?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by woodynorman, Jun 6, 2015.

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    So I have a 6 (business) and a 6plus (personal). I mainly carry the personal on the weekends and the work phone stays on my desk at home. During the week, the personal is with me in my work truck, but doesn't get looked at often.

    My 42SS has just shipped :)

    I wonder how the 2 phones can/will pair with the watch? Can they both be paired at the same time? (that would be very cool). Or can I just switch back and forth easily? Because I don't check my personal phone often during the week, it would be nice to receive a notification to the watch from that phone when I jump back in my truck from a job site.

    I really hope I can pair em both at the same time, but I have a feeling your replies are going to shoot that down ;) Thanks..
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    You can only pair 1 phone with the watch. Pairing the watch with a different phone will reset the watch.

    Just link the phones with the same Apple ID to receive texts and calls from both phones, that's the closest thing you can do
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    I'm interested to hear this as well.

    I use a Pebble with an iPhone 4s, iPhone 6 Plus, and various Android devices and it switches between the few just fine. It's paired with all of them and uses whichever is on and in range.

    I also use my 6 Plus with my Apple Watch and Pebble (when working/swimming) with no issue. But they're quite different.

    Well that's unfortunate. Funny how a $400 watch in some cases can't do what my $75 Pebble can. Then again, the Pebble is also cross platform and doesn't link with any kind of ID necessarily. Just needs the app to be installed. And completely waterproof. I had to take my Apple Watch off for the first time yesterday when I went swimming. I put my Pebble on though so I could use the stopwatch function doing laps and changing music tracks on my iPhone from the pool. Anyway...

    I wonder if it will be possible down the line with a software update? Probably not, but there's always hope. Just like multi user support in iOS :)
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    Nov 26, 2011
    Thanks for the replies.

    I actually have 2 watches on order, as I couldn't decide. A 42mm space grey sport, and a 42mm stainless steel, both with sport bands. The SS has shipped, but the sport has not. I ordered the SS a few days after the sport

    If I I can only pair 1 watch to 1 iphone, I might just have to keep both of them and use one for work, and the other for play :)
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    I really dislike that you can only pair it with one iPhone and that when you unpair it, it resets all settings and deletes all content. I have a 6 and a 6 Plus and sometimes switch between them and the process of pairing the watch it's really awful.
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    The best thing about having two watches, is that one is always charging.

    This allows wearing a watch 24 hours a day, which many of us have done most of our lives.

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