2 iPhones, 1 iMac, 2 User Accounts

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    Apr 18, 2008
    My wife and I each have iPhones.

    We have ONE iMac.

    My wife and I each have our own user accounts on that one iMac.

    My wife came to me with the iPhone - and with all the music on her iPhone - so all her music is synced to her user account on the iMac.

    My music is on my user account on the iMac.

    I have Mobile me. I have all my calendars set up via mobile me. I sync my calendars via Mobile me. Presently - we have my wife's iPhone set up so it syncs all the music, apps, etc. on my wife's iMac account - i.e. she has to be logged in to her account on the iMac to sync apps, music, etc. with her iPhone. We have it set up so my mobile me calendars syncs with my wife's iPhone when she plugs in her iPhone while the iMac is on my user account. (Confused yet?) The problem is - we didn't set up any mobileme account for my wife - so there's no way for her to share / edit my mobileme calendars, outside of just logging in to my side of the iMac (which she can do). If she makes any calendar items on her iPhone calendar -- those items can sync with my iCal on my iMac account -- but then we can't sync anything on her iMac user account. And - she can't access any of the specific calendars which I made on mobileme - when she is on her iPhone. She can only make generic calendar items. (Again -- confused yet?)

    Is there any way for my wife and I to share calendars and make this an easier process / other than just totally deleting my wife's iMac account and using ONE iMac account to do everything?

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