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Discussion in 'iPod' started by white bellied, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Newbie here, UK!

    I will use the iPod (60Gb video) on the train to work and realise I have to import the CDs onto the PC to transfer it to the iPod, but then want to delete the music from the PC!! This seems to be impossible, as I am told the music will also vanish from the iPod!! Can't I just set it to sync with the music I want and then delete the music on the PC?

    If I cannot delete the music on the PC, do I have to have an identical library at home and at work, seems a waste!

    This site refers me to www.dougscripts.com, but it says OS X only, I am on Windows (dirty word, I know) XP. Is there a similar set up so I can have 2 libraries?


    Doug (no, not the above mentioned Doug)
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    In the iPod preferences (they're inside the iTunes preferences) you can set your iPod to manually manage your music. This option means that instead of the iPod mimicking an existing library on a computer, it'll act as its own library. As such, you can drag music to your iPod without worrying too much about whether you'll be wanting to keep it on the computer. Plus, you can do it from multiple computers. :)

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