2 Macs, 2 iPods/iPhones Sharing Music Possible?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by GavinT, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. GavinT macrumors member

    Just wondering how to do this....

    Current setup is this:
    MBP (my computer, the first Mac) has it's iTunes setup to reference the music located on a shared drive.
    iMac (my wifes machine). This machine has stores the music files (the music folder is what is shared).
    I added music to my iPhones library using the File -> Add to Library option.
    Likewise, we did the same with my wifes account on her machine.
    My iTunes is setup with my UK iTunes account.
    Wifes iTunes is setup with her Japanese iTunes account.
    We've authorised the DRM'd music as appropriate from each other's iTunes purchases.
    My iPod Touch connects to my machine, and I copy ALL the music to that one.

    My wife is probably getting a iPhone 3G soon, so we'll be wanting to sync music onto that as well.

    So can I do something like this.
    On my MBP, I have my music files only. I add them to my library as before.
    On my wifes iMac, she has her music files only, and adds them to her own library.
    We then both use the "Share my library on local network" option for our music. That means I can play back her music, and she can do the same with mine on our own machines.
    Now this is the question. If she then plugs her new iPhone into her machine, will it synchronize both her own music plus the stuff I shared with her via iTunes. Likewise, when I connect my iPod, will it sync both my own local music, plus the stuff shared via wife's iTunes setup.

    Hope that's clear?
  2. alphaod macrumors Core


    Feb 9, 2008
    If you bought the music then no it will only sync with one account; if you didn't buy it then it will sync all the music (*buy refers to bought off iTunes).

    So it syncs the music on the shared, but can you physically play the songs? Because like I said, you can only authorize multiple iPods with one account, but each iPod can only associate with one account at a time.

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