2 monitors; the one on Thunderbolt port doesn't wake up after display sleep

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by uncleMonty, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Jun 8, 2012
    My 2012 Mac mini is connected to one monitor by the hdmi port, and to my 30" ACD using the Thunderbolt port. After the displays have been put to sleep, when I move the mouse to wake the computer up the monitor connected to the hdmi port wakes up just fine, but not the ACD connected to the thunderbolt port. The mini obviously *thinks* it's still connected to the ACD, which is my primary display, because the secondary monitor does not have a menu bar or dock etc., which *do* return to this smaller display when the ACD is disconnected. I have to unplug and replug the display from the Thunderbolt port and/or unplug and replug the power supply to the display. I'm running 10.8.4. Can anyone suggest any steps towards making this unnecessary?
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    You actually have to physically unplug the power supply from the ACD, not just tap the power button twice?

    My suspicion would be the mdp -> dual dvi converter - which one are you using? With the apple converter, I've had problems occasionally where the display wouldn't be locked correctly after coming back from sleep (display garbage basically), and another display-sleep / wakeup would resolve.

    Unfortunately these guys are expensive & rare enough its probably difficult to get a spare to test with - if its an apple one, i'd try taking it to the apple store and ask if they can test it for you...?

    EDIT: Remembered the case I was talking about double-tapping would *not* fix the display garbage - required a full sleep/wake cycle.
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    Jun 8, 2012
    Yeah, I unplug the cable from the outlet for a second. The power button has never seemed to do anything much for me in the past.

    I have the Apple dual link adaptor, too. Today after lunch on waking from sleep the ACD came straight to life, so it's a sporadic thing. Perhaps it's only when I leave it off for long enough that the hard disk gets put to sleep (is this even a thing with SSDs? I have two SSDs in there - thanks, OWC)
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    May 15, 2011
    I'm guessing you've had the ACD 30 for a while and didn't have this problem on the previous computer. Is the adapter new or have you been using that for a while too? If its not new, I guess that'd blast my theory of bad adapter...

    One other thing you could do as a workaround - rather than unplugging the thunderbolt connection, you could just unplug and replug the USB. I have a cheap USB extender cable hooked to the mac that I then drag around to the front for ease of connection/disconnection (my imac gpu goes into a high power mode when a second monitor is hooked up, so I disconnect when not needed)

    Wish I had more useful info other than it shouldn't be doing that.

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