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Max E Verde

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Jan 12, 2005
New Jersey
Has anyone else noticed 2 new iPhone commercials which boast AT&T's 3G network? I saw both of them watching Fox on Sunday from 7-10PM.

One of them has Safari open to ebay and talks about how the 3G network will let you put in that last minute bid, before ironically being cut off from a call.

The other has 2 iPhones going through pictures and finds ones that match talking about how the iPhone and AT&T were meant for each other or something like that.

Cannot find any YouTube videos on them and they are not on


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Sep 9, 2008
i like that ad that is something like "it took us years and all this money to deliver the nations fastest network"..............And its still not even close to being widespread. I by no means live in a small town and i have no 3g here
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