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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by simian1962, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Aug 16, 2007
    1. Running an eMac (G4) in 10.3.9.... was given a copy of 10.4 to upgrade.... did this... all seemed successful.... but my modem (SpeedTouchUSB 330) kept flashing a red light..... after a relentless search I discovered I needed to upgrade the driver for the Modem... found one... installed.... still flashing red...

    ...ok... no problems, I'll restore (using the restore disks that arrived with the eMac when new) back to 10.2 and try again...

    ...so, put in the restore disk for 10.2.... successful installation... then it came up asking for the admin password.... I only ever use one password but for some reason it wouldn't accept it... no matter how many times I tried re-starting, it still asked for the admin password.... there are 3 other users on this particular eMac and I can successfully log in with their passwords... but not mine (admin)..... ANY IDEAS, ANYONE?

    and so to Part 2...

    When I have finally got my eMac back up and running I want to run the internet on on another Mac as well as the eMac.... the 2nd Mac (G4) will be located in a different room in the house.... what software/hardware/peripherals will I need to do this?

    Please bear in mind that my technical knowledge is limited when it comes to installation stuff, so any 'step-by-step idiot guides' would be most welcome!

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    Okay, boot from the restore discs again and use the Password Utility to reset the password of the account you can't log into.

    There are a few ways to do this. The software is built into OSX on the whole, but you'll need some sort of connection. Depending on how your current modem is connected to the modem, would an ethernet cable connecting the two machines suffice? Otherwise you might have to start looking at wireless routers and cards, which may get expensive depending on how old your machines are. I'd argue it's easier to buy a router if your current modem only supports one connection, and then run ethernet cables to each machine. What sort of internet connection do you have and how is it connected to the eMac currently? :)

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