2 phones same iTunes account and new carrier restore

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    My wife is switching from android to iPhone and I'm switching from my iphone AT&T plan to a combined iphone plan at Verizon. We'll both be getting an iPhone 4s this weekend. 2 questions:

    1. I've turned on all available options in the iCloud menu on my phone and it's backed up. Is there going to be any problems switching to a different carrier that would affect an iCloud restore on a new phone?

    2. My wife and I use iTunes for all of our music, movie, and tv shows under my apple id. Do I understand correctly that we can both access this account on each of our phones by using the same apple id under the Store setting on each phone and using different email addresses on each phone under the iCloud settings to keep contacts seperate? I switched all my email stuff to my @me.com account, so will this be an issue since that email is associated with my apple id?

    3. Does anyone out there who has gone through either of my 2 questions have any tips for making it go smoother? Thanks in advance.
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    1. As long as they are the same iOS versions you should have no issue. If your current iPhone is 5.1 and your new 4S is 5.0.1, you'll need to update it before restoring from your iCloud backup. Also, it doesn't hurt to use the backup feature through iTunes as well as iCloud.

    2. You should have no issues as long as both of you have different Apple ID's for iCloud. Sharing the same Apple ID for all of your Music, Apps, etc is fine.

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