2 preorders on same line, 1 from Apple and 1 from ATT


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Sep 18, 2014
By the time I got my Apple Store order in for the 256GB X (with IUP enrollment) it was already at 5-6 weeks shipment. Later on, I saw that the 64GB version on ATT.com was shipping 11/02/11-10, so I snagged one there (on the same phone # used for the Apple Store order, but paid in full). I figured I'd use the 64GB for a couple of months and then sell it when the 256 finally arrives.

But should I be worried about buying 2 phones on 1 line? Will one or the other get cancelled?


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Nov 16, 2016
The Netherlands
There are several topics about this subject already. Just scroll. Like. ‘WOW. Apple just cancelled my order’ is a topic here. (I am on my iPhone so I can’t link right now.)