2 questions about MP3s and i-tunes !!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by igmolinav, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Aug 15, 2005

    I have 2 questions about MP3.

    **The first one:
    I copied an audiobook to my i-tunes library. The audiobook was 10 CDs long. The name of the author from CD to CD was slightly different due to a typo. e.g. Günter in some CDs and Günther with an "h" in others. I have tried putting all MP3 under one unifying author: Günter, but when I go back to the hard-drive or to the i-tunes folder I get two different authors: Günter and Günther.

    I also tried to rearrange the songs by numbers only without any success. Instead of using the original format of "CD-number and song-number". e.g. (CD 1-Song 3) that I originally had, I preferred using only numbers from the 1 to the 42, that is the total number of "songs" in the audiobook. However, after I did the rearrangement to numbers only, the rearrangement failed and went back to its original form of "CD-number and song-number".

    What can I do to have things under only one author (Günter) and arranged in the way I want it (1-42) ??

    **Question two (easier):
    I go to my i-tunes library, and do a search for an artist, let´s say Madonna and the library retrieves me 20 songs.
    Then, I would like to send the 20 songs to a new playlist that I have just created and that is called "Pop". how do I do that ??

    Thanks a million in advance for all the help !!!

  2. iMeowbot macrumors G3


    Aug 30, 2003
    For the first problem, make sure that the MP3 files are not read-only (you can check and fix this in the Finder). Files copied from a CD often end up that way, and this would prevent iTunes from getting changes saved correctly. (that doesn't apply if you ripped a regular audio CD, only if you copied MP3 files from a CD-ROM)

    If that isn't your problem, could you describe exactly how you are trying to change the author name and track numbers? Are you doing this from inside iTunes?

    For the second question, you should have the list of songs in the main iTunes window. Click in that window, press Cmd-A (Ctrl-A for Windows I guess) and all those songs will be selected. Drag the whole bunch over to your playlist.
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    Question one: Mark all the songs (you want to edit) in iTunes then hit cmd-I (or File -> Get Info) and use the Multiple Song Information window to change those data you want (only checked field will be changed on OK). Before you do this, make sure that the tracks have unique track numbers and disc numbers, and du not change those when editing multiple tracks, if you do you'll end up with a mess...

    Picture 1.png

    Do this like iMeowbot said, or just, one the tracks are selected, right/ctrl-click and use Add to playlist -> Pop.

    Edit: If you don't have created that playlist yet you can, select all the tracks and use File -> New Playlist from selection (shift-cmd-N) or even look into smart playlists (File -> New smart playlist (opt-cmd-N)) and select Artist contains Madonna and/or whatever other criteria you want and name that playlist whatever you want).
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    Jul 26, 2005
    Also make sure itunes is set to manage your itunes folder. This way it will change directory and file names as you change the details in the mp3 file.
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    Aug 15, 2005
    Thanks a million. I really appreciate all your help !!!

    I´ll start working on it and I´ll get back to you asap.

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