2 Questions: utilities and slowdowns


Sep 7, 2008
forlod bygningen
What used to be here? And why did it commit suicide?

And why has my computer suddenly slowed down? I only have 40GBs of space filled out of 250 and my computer has gotten a lot slower the past few weeks.
Not much to go here.

I just looked at my Utilities folder, and nothing seems to be missing, except that I don't have the Java app.
Press CMD+2 and then CMD+1 again, and it should be sorted alright.

To the other vague question.
Gravity maybe.

You can use Disk Inventory X (www.derlien.com) to scan your HDD for all the Gigabytes and where they have gone.

Also have a look at Activity Monitor.

Repaired Permissions?
Installed bunch of software?

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