2 quick questions - CS4 and additional OSs

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by pink-pooj, Jan 14, 2010.

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    I want to get a MBP 15 or 17 for the Video Production Associates I'm starting soon. My first question is about Final Cut Express. I heard it doesn't support 24fps and 1080p is this true? Also I was wondering for the Mac CS4 if the background is still clear and the tollbars are aligned as windows as in CS3, because I hated that design. It became hard to distinguish between Finder and Photoshop. My final question is about Boot Camp. Is it the best way to run Windows (I couldn't bear to leave Sony Vegas)? Does it run it natively or as a virtual machine? It would seem like VM would be safer since OS X is so much more secure (letting all system processes run with privilidgves higher than admin is a bad idea). Thanks!
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    First thing I'll say is that the enter key,i.e., paragraphs is your friend, it makes reading your post much more pleasant ;)

    Secondly there is no "best" way to run windows. Its subjective and depends on your needs. If you require access to the hardware and/or performance, then yes its the best. If you don't want to boot out of OSX or don't need the performance of running windows natively, then VMware is a better solution. That's the route I have taken. Gives me the best of both worlds :)

    Running windows under vmware is no more secure or safer then bootcamp, you still can catch a virus, or have a malware program destroy your windows partition. It just won't spread to OSX. The only exception is any malware that attempts to directly access the hard drive, in vmware it still will be constrained to vmware but in bootcamp, is possible that it could impact the osx partition

    As I noted, I use vmware and find the performance to be excellent, though I don't play any games or need direct access to the hardware. I think OSX is superior and so I like to keep that running and do most of my work in there so for my situation vmware is the better approach


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