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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by makka9781, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Aug 8, 2010

    I have recently changed over to the Mac world and have to say i was impressed to begin with! I would love to keep this feeling, but am having trouble with Apple TV.

    We currently have two separate Itunes libraries, stored under the same external hard drive but how do i connect both to Apple TV?

    When i am in my library for instance, the apple TV device is detected, but when i switch to my husbands, his does not show up.

    I have tried reading forum after forum, but dont understand the difference between syncing and streaming, I sound really dumb i know but i just want it to work!! If you have any advice at all including any step by step information i would be so appreciative!!!!

    When his device did appear in his itunes it said it was streaming under the preference tab, but like i said earlier I dont know the difference!! is there a way we can access both of our music?

    I look forward to your responses, thank you again!!
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    Here's the article that explains the difference between syncing and streaming, plus how to set up each library:

    One important detail is that only one iTunes library can sync to the AppleTV, while multiple libraries can stream to it. You could set up one of each or set up both libraries to stream.
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    Another Important Detail

    Another important detail is that itunes must be open with your library to stream or sync from it. You mention that you have both libraries on one external hard drive. If you both have different accounts on the same machine, you would both need to be logged in and have itunes running to sync or stream. I'm not sure if you can do that with fast user switching... If you both have accounts on separate machines, the same rules apply, you both must have itunes running for the apple tv to sync or stream with each library.

    I think you might want to look into home sharing, where one users purchases are effectively copied to another users itunes library, this way, as long as everything is sync'd up with home sharing, you only need to have one library sync'd with your apple tv.

    Good Luck!

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