2 Sound Outputs on a Powermac g5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wbe858, Apr 24, 2010.

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    So quick backstory my father is the owner of a club and i'm the dj and we are trying to replace our ancient and now broken dj computers with a not so ancient (but still old) dual PM G5 that ive had lying around for a couple years not doing much. We have a couple reasons for doing this and sadly most are for aesthetics because i must admit putting this case in the front booth just adds a bit of class to the whole thing.

    Well now to my problem/question.:confused:

    Is there anyway to make two different channels come out of the outputs, cause right now if i hook it up one digital and one analog it plays the same sound out of both which well, i can't do.

    So if thats not possible i guess i could use the pci slots to put a sound card in, but i was also was wondering if anyone knew of a good sound card that worked in this computer.

    Thanks to anyone that helps
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    There is a workaround if you're trying to save money: Use the headphone jack on the front and the audio jack on the rear. Set the Left to track 1 and the right to track 2, then set your audio gear to read only left or right, and set your speakers to mono, or run both out of the same side channel (both Left for Left, both Right for Right). Otherwise I don't believe you can do that outside of using a pair of pro apps (like Cubase and Logic running side by side) and choosing different outputs (which will only work with optical and analog, if at all).

    Otherwise I suggest picking up a protools rig. There are cheap consumer level ones that will split signals to channels via firewire or a PCI card (check to make sure that it matches your G5, though, as some are PCI/PCIx and some are PCI-express).
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    you can do it with Audio Hijack Pro - there is a trial version available to test it out.

    Full versions are also floating around the internet, but i'll leave you to find that yourself or pay for a legal copy.
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    Thanks to everyone that tried helped me with my first problem but i figured out a nice simple way to do it. We had a numark DJIO box in the back that used usb and gave you two sound outputs and that works great.

    Now i have another more complicated problem and i hope you guys can help.

    So right now we have 6 tvs in the club that we would like to play videos on and we can do it with two pretty easy and we already have those cables run and they work how they should. Now this is example of how things should work.

    tv 1 & 2 play the same thing
    tv 3 & 4 play the same thing
    tv 5 is its own
    tv 6 is its own
    Monitor is output 7.

    Now my question is can i put a couple of radeon 9200 pci cards in there (mac or flashed version) and be able to output to those monitors. Now for tvs 1-4 i can use the stock 9600 and split the dvi signal to do a mirror display like deal since the tvs are the same and they dont have be resolution independent. Then can i put 2 9200's in the computer and use the dvi out on those to control the other two tvs and just use a VGA out for the monitor?

    Now to me it sounds great but will it work? Now i know that if i tried to run 4 videos 2 tracks of music and a visualizer i would run into some processor problems on a computer this old so i wouldn't be doing all of it at the same time i would just like to be able to control the video at certain times. I know i can run at least 2 videos no problem.

    I really hope that makes sense and thank you to anyone that can help..if i wasnt clear anywhere please just ask. :confused:

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