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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Dobiewonkanobie, Jan 31, 2008.

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    First: my MBP is only a few months old. I want to upgrade the ram from 2-4GB. I know that there are two slots, are there 2-1GB or 1-2GB inside? The system profiler shows Bank0/Dimm0 and Bank1/Dimm1, both 1GB. Does that answer my question?

    Second: If there are 2-1GB, can I take one of them and put it in my girlfriends MB which only has 1GB, and make it 2GB? (her's is new as of Oct.)

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    Jan 28, 2008
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    I'm not sure about the first question. The easiest way to find out it to open it up and check. It's pretty easy to do.

    All intel Macs (except for the Mac Pro and the servers) have used the same RAM since their introduction way back in 2006, so your RAM will be compatible with her MacBook :)
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    1) You have 2x1GB in yours. To make it 4GB you need to remove both and replace each with the 2GB chips.

    2) Kinda the same thing. Hers is 1GB (2x512MB). To make it 2GB you need to remove both and put in your old ones.

    End result....You need to buy 2 ea. 2GB chips and do all the switching and end up with 2 ea. 512MB chips without a home.

    Hope this helps -GDF
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    Oct 11, 2007
    Mine had 2x1 GB,
    you should be able to drop it in.
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    Wow! What a new and interesting forum. I have never seen a forum like this ever before. How unique! It's too bad that these forums don't have a search feature so that you can see if anyone else has ever asked such a question before. :rolleyes:

    Mac Laptop RAM is paired. Yours has 2x 1GB and hers has 2x 512MB.

    See this for more info.

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    Just make sure...

    you seat the battery properly or it won't start up and you'll think it's faulty ram to blame. It's not. It's the battery. Just experienced this phenomenon.
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    It sounds like a man who is willing to give half a kidney for his woman.
    True love <3

    (or maybe I'm over-exaggerating?)

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