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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dlastmango, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Hello -
    I have an iMac for my wife and I to use. I'd like us to have 2 user accounts so that we can set up our email accounts and web bookmarks separately. easy to do with a Mac...Just create new user and there ya go...but here is the catch.
    I want to have access to the same files and programs from both users. If my wife adds pics to iphoto I want to see them in my account. If I save something to the document folder I want her to have access to it... get the point? What do i need to do to make this happen.

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    Feb 28, 2008
    you could put the stuff in the 'Shared' folder but you have to change the permissions on the file so the other person can make changes
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    Just put a documents folder, itunes folder, iphoto folder, etc. into a shared folder then make aliases where the folders are normally.
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    Was I the only one expecting to see a porn flick in this post? D:


    Seriously, though, try going into the Sharing section of the System preferences, make sure you turn file sharing on. From there you can use the plus button to share any folders on the computer. However, it comes at a risk that anyone on your network can access them and if your network is unprotected from intruders then they can find all your files (I think there's a way to just share on your computer in the options). From there you can share your folders and she can access them, and vice versa.

    Or you could create a shared folder and have a set of "documents", "Downloads", "Music", "Movies", etc. files then put them on yours and her's finder sidebar items, and redirect all your downloads and so on to those files, or set up a third account and make that account completely open, and do the whole Finder sidebar thing I suggested.

    Would make things a little difficult here and there (but manageable), and it would be time consuming to set up but I don't see how it couldn't work.

    With the iPhoto thing, there should be an option in the preferences that allows you to share your library. If you do that, you and your wife should be able to see each other's library (if you enable it on both accounts). Not as elegantly integrated as I'm sure you're hoping, but it should work :)

    Worth a try!

    Hope that helps... even if only slightly :)
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    Haa haa.. Tooo Funny! Well thats one way to get people to read my post. Totally coincidental i assure you.

    Thanks for the info everyone. I welcome anything new too. I will see what works for me after dinner.


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