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May 18, 2009
I was messaging just prior to the brick. Saw the messages hanging at the end of the status bar. Never went through. Then the phone locked in landscape mode a few times. This has happened a few times before, but no brick.

This time, however, the phone restarted, and got stuck at the Apple logo. Hard reset did not help. DFU restore did not work. When I got to the plug into itunes sign, I would connect, and it said it could not read iphone because it was locked. I tried for over an hour, and when I finally was able to restore, it said it could not because of a problem with the phone.

I kept trying, and eventually got a restore. Went through setup, and it hung on restore. Same problem. Had to go back into DFU mode to restore.

I was able to set it up as a new phone.

I reset again, and am trying to restore from icloud. It seems to be stuck at the apple logo again.

Do you guys think it is hardware problem that I should exchange for? Or is it related to some backup I had?

I have the Samsung chip, although I'm sure that doesn't matter.

Edit Update:

I was finally able to get through with a clean restore, after many DFU attempts. Something still doesn't seem right (the progress bar in the restore process when two-ways (to left and right), but I was able to set up a clean phone again.

I did some testing, and I was able to wipe, and restore from an older icloud backup in november.

However, when i try to go back and restore from an icloud backup from yesterday, it bricks again stuck in icloud restore process.

Does that mean the hardware is ok, and it is a bad icloud backup?
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Oct 31, 2009
Honestly I think you've done your due diligence. You have tried more to fix the problem than most people would. I would bring it to the Apple Store.
I totally agree. It sounds like OP has gone above and beyond to rectify the issue.

@NovemberWhiskey , I'd set up an apt., and get a new phone. When you try to restore from backup, if it's an iCloud backup issue, you'll find out.
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