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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sviato, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Bought my iPhone 4 almost 2 weeks ago and now that the novelty is wearing off there are some issues/bugs that I've noticed that I'm not sure how to fix.

    Note that these are not hardware issues, I have great reception, clear screen etc.

    Alright so firstly, I'm not sure if this is a bug or whether it's supposed to be this way but this morning I've noticed that when I'm listening to the iPod and I want to text, I can't flip the keyboard into landscape mode. I had tried several times and on both sides but no luck. Also tried putting it in sleep then turning back on but it wouldn't budge.

    Secondly there appears to be a re-occurring issue with the keyboard when texting. This is the 4th time I've noticed this in the last few days. Basically the keyboard is "off". The display is fine and looks normal but when you type it's like the keys were shifted, so when I would tap A, it would type S. If I tapped Space, it would type V. Now I don't have fat fingers and I tried this carefully with my index the second time it happened so there's def some kind of bug. It seems that putting it in sleep then trying again appears to fix it.

    The next one is a problem with WiFi. I went to the tech guys on campus and they gave me a pamphlet on how to make my school's WiFi work on my iPhone. So I followed all the steps and it all worked out and the WiFi was on, great!...The problem is that when I walked into a classroom that has no reception and then back out, my wifi access seemed to reset and I had to go back in the settings and put in the password to get it to work again. In the wifi settings, however, there was an option to Auto-Join that network, so I toggled that to on. A problem I noticed was that if i scrolled down that same page in the wifi settings or left the page, that option would toggle back to off. Anyone know how to make sure it stays on?

    Lastly is a problem with push notifications. Maybe I'm not sure how push is supposed to work but the idea of it that I have is that when I get like a FB notification or an e-mail, then the phone would notify me like it does with texts. Is this how it's supposed to work? Because I have all notifications enabled but people comment on my stuff and tag me in pictures on FB and while I have gotten a few notifications (maybe 3-4) there are a lot that don't seem to be going through. Also I'm getting no notifications for my email accounts which are @hotmail.com and @utoronto.ca. Note that I do have 3G on almost always, and if not then I'm in a wifi zone. So is push working correctly and my expectations for it were different or is there a way to make it work like I'd want it to?

    Thanks for reading, if anyone can help with any of these issues thatd be great
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    The best thing to do first is restore do that and tell me how it goes
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    Push e-mail will only alert you with a tone. You won't get a visual notification like you do with Facebook.


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