2 weeks of photos evaporated

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Hello everyone,

    I am having a rather strange and disturbing issue with photos and icloud. Yesterday I realized that I'm missing most of my photos taken on my iphone from roughly the end of April until now... Some single ones were still there but the majority went missing.

    Needless to say I panicked, I immediately checked my icloud photo library but they weren't there either. I thought of trying to use my old iphone where I didn't have icloud photo library active to check if they are in the photo stream, and fortunately the photos from May 14 until now were there intact (strange that it wasn't full 30 days though)...

    So, I managed to pull back those from the streaming roll (237 missing pictures...), but unfortunately I am still oblivious to why the other 2 weeks worth of photographs are nowhere to be seen. I've even tried a data recovery software, but the photos don't seem to be on the phone's memory at all! They are not in the "deleted" folder on the phone either.

    The only thing that comes to my mind is that several days ago when I was considering activating the icloud photo library (since for some reason icoud didn't backup any of my photos on icloud backup), I actually hit the activation button but immediately after it stopped the "preparations" I switched the "optimise iphone storage" to "download and keep originals" and then turned it off again. Then after a few days I activated it again and left it to upload all the photos. My sensation is that the first time I did the on-off thing, the photos started uploading and got deleted from my phone automatically because of the "optimise iphone storage" option (I have no idea why this would be set to default anyway) and then got deleted from the cloud when I turned the library off...

    Unfortunately I don't have any other backup of those photos. It strikes me as really strange though that they would simply go poof like that, without remaining on the cloud even when I turned the library off. I have no idea if they caan be recovered somehow. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated, thank you all in advance.
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    May be worth contacting support ... Does you little good now, but always, always, ALWAYS backup your photos, regardless if they are in iCloud or not.. Last year I had iCloud corrupt hundreds of my photos, will never let that happen again.

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