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20 cool free iBooks


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Aug 6, 2012
Here are 20 free iBooks from a variety of sources.* These books were all created in 2012 and take full advantage of the audio, video and interactive features available in iBook Author.

Road To Civil Rights
Interviews, timelines and great use of interactive features. A look into the future of enhanced textbooks.*
Published February 15 by*Academy of Achievement. 65 pages

Corvallis Backstage Pass
Loaded with music, photos, interactive features and interviews exploring the DIY music scene around Oregon State University. Contains 29 full length songs from a variety of music styles.*
Published May 1 by Jack Kemp. 66 pages

Edwin The Super Duper Otter
Nicely illustrated children's book is enhanced by videos and photo galleries.*
Published April 18 by The Seattle Aquarium. 30 pages

Female Orgasm: The Ultimate Guide
A fun guide to a fun topic.* Covers topics like orgasmic meditation, best sex positions, troubleshooting, and the female body.*
Published January 31 by Vixely. 40 pages

Union Pacific Timeline
If you like trains or American history, start here in 1862 with Abraham Lincoln signing the Union Pacific charter.* Wind through a great collection of photographs and anecdotes as UP celebrates its 150th anniversary.*
Published June 1 by*Union Pacific Railroad Company. 139 pages

Our Wild Planet
Stunning photos of unusual plants and animals.* This book comes from Project Noah, "...a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere."
Published June 18 by*Networked Organisms. 81 pages

Dark Pripyat
Beautiful photos of the scarred landscape around Chernobyl and Pripyat.* Chapter 1 covers the 1986 soviet power plant disaster.* The rest of the book looks at the cities after 25 years of abandonment.
Published February 18 by UrbanPixels. 89 pages

Lecturing with an iPad
A University of Michigan professor lays out his use of the iPad in the classroom.* Contains detailed explanations and diagrams of connecting the iPad to various devices and software used for teaching.
Published June 8 by*SageOnStage Publishing. 23 pages

Wilco: The Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago
In December 2011, the alternative rock band did 5 shows in their home town of Chicago.* Here is a collection of concert photos, set lists, show fliers, backstage rehearsal videos, and a live recording.*
Published May 25 by dBpm Records. 17 pages

Portrait Photography
A gallery of natural light portraits.* This isn't a "how-to" book but rather, "...simply a book to inspire."*
Published June 28* by*Joe Scrivens. 31 pages

Mass Perfection
This large two volume set tells a wide variety of stories in magazine style.* Beautiful photos and videos accompany a look at a cake maker, a tattoo artist, Miss Massachusetts, anime costume builders, Thoreau's philosophy, air pollution and more.*
Published May 16 and May 17 by Emerson College Journalism. 59 pages (Vol. 1).* 62 pages (Vol. 2)

French Revolution
Not your typical textbook.* The authors cram it full of quirky sidebars and even manage to slip in a Coldplay song and Lady Gaga mash up video.
Published June 8* by*Markville History. 23 pages

Year In Focus 2011
A yearbook for the world.* Getty Images collects its best editorial photographs of world events and the people that shaped our news.*
Published May 22* by*Getty Images. 143 pages

Tiger Dragon Slayers from the Underworld
Bold photos and design for an iBook accompaniment to a fashion and art magazine.* Innovative, unusual use of interactive features.
Published June 25* by*AMFI-Amsterdam Fashion Institute. 69 pages

Creatures, Plants and More!
Florida middle schoolers go to town with their teacher in a great book for pre teens.* Lots of photos and wild colors.!/id521854684?mt=11
Published April 23* by*Andrea Santilli. 133 pages

Moon Rocks: An Introduction to the Geology of the Moon
Perhaps the most technical book on this list.* Get this one if you're interested in rocks, space or the potential for textbooks on the iPad.
Published March 20 by*The Open University. 70 pages

An scholarly introduction to the study of the religions of the world.* Includes 11 audio lectures.
Published February 4 by*MSAC Philosophy Group. 76 pages

Hyde Park Photography
Photography magazine made by photographers.* Includes stories about the subjects.* Great use of photo galleries.
Published July 3 by*INDEX. 44 pages

Mobile Reporting Field Guide
Reviews iPhone and iPad apps and accessories from a digital journalist's point of view.* Listen to samples of microphones and see the results of various editing apps.
Published July 16 by*Richard Koci Hernandez/UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. 45 pages

The Interactive Space Book
A great collection of photos and interactive timelines covering the exploration of our solar system.
Published March 20 by*Graham Wright. 52 pages
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