20 gigs of what? AOL cache?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jvaska, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Feb 18, 2002
    I bought my mom an eMac two years ago and we want to upgrade to Tiger. I'm in Europe and she's in the states so this is happening via the phone. She bought an upgrade package...so here we go.

    She's currently running 10.2.x something...I'm not totally sure.

    So the upgrade installer runs just fine but says she doesn't have enough space to perform the upgrade. She only has 1.3 gigs of free space. WHAT! She only uses her machine to surf AOL, answer a few emails and that is it. Nothing more...

    My best guess is that AOL has used up roughly 20 gigs of free space (she has a 40 gig HD) thus blocking us from doing anything. We've been trying to figure out just how and/or where the cache is stored so it can be trashed...but no results. We (she) can't find a preference in AOL to delete the AOL browser cache.

    Anybody have a similar experience with AOL? Could this really be the problem or is there something else we need consider? All in all though, for the amount of use she gives her computer, 20 gigs used up for anything seems completely crazy.
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    You could have her download WhatSize. Using that, she should be able to quickly figure out what's taking up so much space. Also, assuming it's not something she needs/wants, she can delete it from within WhatSize.
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    Also try CacheOut X which will delete caches.

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