20" imac g5 or 1.8ghz powermac g5?


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Feb 18, 2005
Hi, i posted this thread on the reviews section but i realised that it wasn't the best place to put it... so i posted it again in this section....

Well... I'm on the market for a desktop... but i'm stuck between the 20" imac g5 and a (single proc.) 1.8ghz powermac g5 with a 20" monitor :( . I'll be using it for design work, mainly photoshoping and 3d work. Also mutimedia, listening to song watching movies etc. I like the all-in-one factor of the imac but i want to be able to upgrade certain componants which the imac doesn't offer. Is it at all possible for the Vcard on the imac to be upgraded :confused: How is the vcard incorporated into the system? Is there anyway of getting to it and replacing it? Because this is my major gripe on the machine, all else i can live with. But if not, what are your experiences with the current vcard? Does it handle photoshop, 3d software, games... well?
And how do you find the 20" screen on the imac?

One other thing... Is there anyway i could get a student discount and if so how? I'm 17 years old studying a-levels in the uk... also how much would i get off the original price which is £1,299.00?

Thanks alot for taking time to read this. Your advice is more than welcome.



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Feb 18, 2005
Personally, I would go with the Powermac. It cost's more by $600, but I feel it's worth it. The video card is actually integrated onto the logic board, so it cannot upgraded or replaced. Looking back, I wish I would have gotten the Powermac instead of the iMac. You may want to take a look at this posting of iMac G5 user reviews:


My iMac G5 was a lemon, but most people have no problems with them. I must admit, the design of the iMac is amazing. On the other hand, the Powermac has more expansion options, like PCI slots, an upgradeable AGP graphics card, and double the maximum memory capacity. You can also put an additional hard drive in the Powermac, but not in the iMac.


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Apr 20, 2004
Powermac- More upgradeable + it will last longer + if something breaks its not like both the LCD and comp. are broken and you have to throw the hole thing away.


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Oct 19, 2004
Calgary, AB
yeah I faced this decision about a month ago and I decided on the powermac for myself.
Since I'm running dual monitors now anyways I've got more screen space than a 20" iMac would have offered anyways.

So in short, powermac with dual monitors :)


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Dec 28, 2004
Central Pennsylvania, USA
I have the 20" iMac. Like it alot. Use 1.8 Dual Powermacs at School, with 20" monitor. The iMac serves the purpose just as well. If your doing Photoshop and design work, the iMac is more than worthy. use the money you save on a monitor to upgrade the RAM and you will be set.

I love this 20" monitor, more than the 20" on the powermacs. It just seems brighter.

Its just my opinion, but I am 100% satisfied with my iMac.
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