20" or 24" - not a gamer


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Jul 24, 2006
I own a 20 inch Imac and Im a graphic designer, which is a bit diffrent than video. I have 2 diffrent computers that I do my graphics work on. My 20 inch imac and a 15.4 inch MBP with a 19 inch widescreen LCD. Both have their ups and downs, although I enjoy using the 20 inch imac better for indesign, and the widescreen moniter for photoshop dont ask me why I just do lol.

Anyways for you it just depends on if you want the extra 4 inches. to me that 4 inches is not worth $500, but that is just me. I have plenty of screen real estate on the 20 inch imac and with proper window managment I dont have to move around windows to look at things in safari and what im working on in photoshop or indesign. I also have Itunes running all the time and I like to skip around songs, as well as talk to people on Ichat, while working on a safari window and indesign or photoshop.

As for the extra video ram, get the most you can afford, video ram is always a good thing to have especialy with video like you said you would be doing. In all of my new computers that I have bought in the past year which have been the MBP, Imac, and a windows box(specialty photography software) I have never gotten less than 256 mb of ram, I guess it just kinda future proofs them, you never know what you might want to do down the line.


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Jun 10, 2006
mongoos150 said:
I'm not saying the 24" is for everyone, it certainly comes down to personal preference, but to say the 2 foot iMac is for pros only and to ascertain a large window means people will be stretching out their video (?!) is rather unintelligent :rolleyes:
Saw this coming... and if you read my post (like I read yours) you would realize that I was just listing one of the things that benefits from a larger screen. On top of that, I said 'correct me if i'm wrong' when I said streching out video pixelates it. That basically translates into "I'm pretty sure i'm wrong, so i'm just throwing this out there so someone can correct it"


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Sep 1, 2005
I was going to get the 24" but after seeing it beside the 20" I felt that it was a better use of my money getting the 20" and upgrading the spec a little more which is what I have done.

Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow! Can't wait for my 1st Mac.
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