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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by WalnutSpice, Nov 16, 2015.

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    So, as all of these posts start about early intel Macs here, I know this isn't PowerPC, but if I posted this in the intel section I would get no help at all.

    I have an Early 2006 Core Duo iMac that works amazingly, only issue, the previous owner stabbed the LCD. No, not dropped, Literally stabbed. Multiple times. It still works, but nothing good to look at by any means. I'll post a photo of it running later when I get the chance.
    So as you can imagine, I need to replace the LCD but the prices for it on ebay sell for more than an iMac with a working screen. Anyone know where I can find the part for cheaper? Will one from a G5 iMac work?
    It's the 17' model.
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    The LCDs on iMac G5 and the early Intel iMacs do look exactly the same, even the electrical connectors are the same (LVDS is a standard after all) and the inverter boards are identical but they are NOT interchangeable!

    One panel is labeled LM171W02 (TL)(B2) and the other LM171W02 (TT)(A1).

    Unfortunately I can't remember which one is which. But I think a little Google might help you.

    If you fit the G5 panel (I think it's the A1) into a CoreDuo or Core2Duo the machine will refuse to start.

    Also, who the hell would stab their computer? I mean humans sure, but not a computer!!
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    the iMac intel Poly carb use a LVDS LCD panel the iMac G5 isight use a TDMS panel, there exist a small board that lets you use PC laptop 17 inch LCD panels in intel iMacs even 1920x1200 ones.
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    I believe the board you're talking about is the one sold on realmacmods.com

    I've twice completed the switch on 2006 iMacs- and the board does work well, running a 1920x1200 screen off the original x1600, and the swap isn't too tricky, but the supplied plastic brackets for the new screen are a bit fragile- but I could never quite get the iMac to close properly again after completing the modification, always seemed a bit 'spongey' between the two halves afterwards.

    I once got a good deal on an original screen (I think £50 including delivery) and completed a swap with that- it does fit better with the original brackets and that iMac did seal up properly again afterwards.

    It's also a good opportunity to swap the CPU out if you're interested- they run really nicely with a Core2Duo, I also flashed the iMac 5,1 firmware onto mine to up the RAM limit to 4GB, but I believe it still only allows you to use 3.2GB, but I still use it with an SSD fitted for some light work in the office and it flies!

    One word of warning with the board for using laptop screen in the iMac though- the second time I ordered one it went missing in the post and the seller proved very uncooperative and I ended up having to challenge the payment on paypal to get a refund.
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    Oct 24, 2015
    These macs have problems with the x1600 graphics. I'd try to pick up a cheapo one with logic board issues but a good LCD and swap it over
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    I can confirm everything TheThreepwood wrote in his post. I recently did the swap on my iMac 2006 17" to a 1980x1200 LCD and also a new T7600 CPU (2,33Ghz).

    The brackets holding the LCD are indeed not very stable and I needed to fumble around the inverter a lot to properly close the machine. It still is packed quite dense, as some pressure spots show on the LCD when I touch the iMac.

    I would not recommend the 1980x1200 display, as my machine really struggles when playing back flash video in fullscreen (-with- CPU upgrade...). Now that I've changed the resolution to 1344x800 it works much better. So I would recommend changing to an original LCD if possible or a 1440x900 LCD.
    I think there is also a UniMac Adapter for that resolution.

    And if you live in Europe: pay a little extra and order the UniMac with a higher USPS rate, as the standard one that the seller uses took nearly 9 weeks to arrive. Also there is no tracking available so I actually thought that the package was lost...
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    Heres a photo of the iMac screen for those wondering. It's usable but certainly nothing pleasant to look at.

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